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2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC: Benz Gets Serious about EVs

| September 8, 2018 | Life Style

Mercedes-Benz launches the first model from its electric EQ sub-brand. The switch from the internal-combustion engine to the electric motor is not something the German auto industry was particularly keen on. Granted, there have been a number of EV concept cars and prototypes, but the main effort was invested in perfecting conventional powertrains. Now comes […]


Volvo’s Autonomous Commuter Pod Concept Lets You Spend More Time Working

| September 6, 2018 | Life Style, Sports

Perhaps more than any other automaker besides Tesla, Volvo has embraced the idea of autonomous cars. The latest manifestation of that enthusiasm is this 360c concept, an electric driverless pod designed to explore the possibilities of Level 5 autonomy—the highest tier, which requires no input whatsoever from a driver other than entering a destination. And […]